Thursday, March 16, 2006

What a Girl Wants...

Things I want:

1. A raincoat - just because I don't have one.

2. A yellow diamond - also just because I don't have one.

3. A cherry lime-ade from Sonic Drive-in. Those things are cherry-flavored crack bombs.

4. A pizza.

5. Nails that don't peel, break or get bitten off.

6. To be able to see my feet without bending over.

7. To be able to bend over.

8. Cute toes. It's a myth, people, it's like a frickin' unicorn, okay?

9. A magazine with no ads. Or just pertinent ads. If I'm reading a 'zine about shopping, please don't put an ad for vaginal itch on page 32.

10. Unscratchable cd's.

11. Less butt fat.

12. A stapler that never runs out of staples.

13. A house elf from the Harry Potter books.

14. A cat that doesn't pee, puke, or poke me in the middle of the night just to get a belly rub. 3 am is NOT time for Phoebe-cuddles no matter how loudly she purrs.

15. A car with bird shit deflectors. Like, it could sense when a bird was going to relieve its dinner upon your hood and THWAP - a big metal peice serves it up on to the car of your evil co-worker.

16. A hat with the same capabilities.

17. To have normal colored cheeks. No matter how much it is said to be "endearing" my streaked cheeks are not - so - pbbbt!

18. Oranges with pull tabs. It would make peeling much easier.

19. To be able to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner without spilling food down my front. Contrary to popular belief - that IS cheese dip on my blouse.

20. To be sleeping right now.

What do you want?



tenyearnap said...

You have how many designer purses....and no RAINCOAT? Even I, the clothing deprived, have a raincoat. Okay, it's like military issue...but it's still a raincoat. Rubber, olive drab, gets the job done.

Now go pick yourself up a raincoat. Because there's nothing worse than the smell of wet Vampire.

luckythepony said...

LOL, I enjoyed reading what you want.