Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Grammar is FUN!

The following is a list of fun, special or endangered words according to a website I surfed (wipeout!) into today:


atavistic -

A kind way of referring to something or person as "Neanderthal" or low-wattage in thinking and being.

barmpot -

A slightly deranged person.

bloviate -

To bloviate is to speak loudly and at great length without saying much.

charnk -

/charnk/n. 1. An item which is disgusting, smarmy, disappointing, or otherwise mediocre. 2. An expression of disgust. adj: charnky, charnkish

cockshut -

Unlike many other words on this list, this is one you have the opportunity to use every day. It means "evening time, or twilight".


And now, for your pleasure and mine, I shall use them all in a single, entertaining and thought-provoking statement.



The man, clearly an atavistic in nature, and a barmpot by nurture, began a bloviated charnky dissertation on the fruits of his labor: cock fighting as a participatory sport by cockshut.


Okay, WHEW!, that was fun!

Your turn! Send 'em to me -


nonojean3 said...

In the cockshut of the atavistic barmpot's life, he was known to bloviate on charnky topics to the delight of all.

tenyearnap said...

A Romantic Haiku:

My barmpot, when you,
In your atavistic growl,
Bloviate that sweet
Charnk, I do swoon for cockshut.