Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Drive, Therfore I am...


After calling me no less than 12 times last night, my hubby has proposed the following options to solve the "Holly wanna new car" problem:

1. Midway Ford will get me a T-bird - it can be here by Friday - but I have to take it - sight unseen. This option is not that appealing to me as I have never even sat in one and would have no clue if my ginormous posterior would even be able to matriculate the plush leather seats of this gorgeous machine - and - it may smell like dog poop, or berry delight, or worse - cigarettes.

2. Harry has offered to let me keep my Escape AND get me a second car. I can drive his grandmother's virtually brand new Corvette - it would be MINE - I would have two cars. The best part of this deal is not the fact that we would pay his grandmother back an interest-free loan - but that my bosses (a majority of them, at least) would die if they knew I drove a 'vette. And at least two would contemplate "ending it all." Sweet - bonus!

So what do you think??

E-mail me and let me know!

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nonojean3 said...

I say go with plan #2 for the only reason that your co-workers would suffer knowing their receptionist is sporting a vette.  Revenge is a dish best served cold!!

tenyearnap said...