Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Intellect v. Ingenuity - which would YOU choose?

Wanna hear how smart I am?

Well, this morning I was running around trying to get ready when I made mistake number one: wearing a large red turtleneck sweater (I'm melting - MELTING!). I then decided that since I had to, yet again, drop my car off at the dealership for repairs and would be forced, yet again, to stay in for lunch, that I would grab my handy dandy Ipod. I ran upstairs to my office and rummaged up to my elbows in stuff to find the USB charger (my Ipod is always dead - it's a gift I have - killing inanimate objects - and plants).

Good to go, I grab my bag filled with books, music, paper and,now, my pink Ipod with Coach Ladybug cover, and head out the door.

Later, after some dancing at the mechanics to get me to work (the shuttle service gal called in as I was standing there staring at my watch with big eyes) I arrived at hell, oops, 'scuse me, I mean, my office and promptly crawled under the desk. I find a USB port, plug it in and do a happy dance ( a limited one so as to not bump my noggin') and then realize my second mistake of the morning: I didn't bring the earbuds.

I am so frickin' smart that I grab my Ipod and the charger - but not the only way to listen to it!

Harry called and I told him of my predicament. His suggestion was to walk to Electronics Boutique and buy a PSP set of headphones.

I thanked him and hung up the phone, laughing. Like I'd really walk the block and a half to EB! ahahahha I'm MUCH too lazy for that!

I rummage through my drawers and find a pair of old earphones with HUGE ear pads. I cross my fingers, toes and eyes as I wiggle the connector into the earbud input and - yesssss!

There's Carrie Underwood asking Jesus to quit being a backseat driver!

So - my genius level may be a little lacking but my ingenuity - well - it's pretty darn impressive if I do say so myself!

I think I may be a tad MacGuyver-ish.

Now - I'm off to make me a smoke bomb (to confuse lawyer-types when I don't want to work - which is often) out of a water bottle, a can of canned air, a wheat thin and a staple remover.



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