Friday, March 24, 2006

"Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life." ~ Charles M. Schultz

My face is so dry right now that I keep expecting my smattering of freckles to burst forth into full bloom cactuses at any moment.

On another note, I can now report on the seminar my sister and I attended yesterday that was sponsored by the SBA.

Ahem, a one word summation: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It was very informative but they had, like, twenty speakers (outnumbering the class by about fifteen) and only 2.5 hours alloted. We learned and we listened. We wrote notes to each other. We held our laughter in check for the majority of the droning speeches. 

About two hours in, this little frog of a lady said: "Okay, we will now take a five minute break, please fill out your [horribly detailed and confusing] survey first." Summer and I bow our heads and scribble like the devil. We then ease out of our chairs and no sooner than we were standing then we heard the frog ribbitt loudly: "Five minutes are up - we will now be starting." She stared at us pointedly.

We smiled and ran like two possessed squirrels with full bladders, tittering all the way to the facilities. When we got back she looked at us and said, sternly: "Girls!"

Summer smiled and said "What, we miss a question or somethin'?" The class burst into giggles which didn't amuse frog lady one bit. I thought she was going to pop a lilly pad outta her asscheeks the way she was clenched.

We then finished the day with a trip to Jim's Spaghetti House (oh - yum) a trip to Goodwill, and then went home to put my niece down for a nap. I promptly fell asleep in my dad's recliner where I woke myself up by snorting so loud it jarred me from my dreams.

Summer was nice enough to point and laugh.

She then curled up on the couch with a Siamese cat under one armpit. A half hour later she wakes up giggling. Apparently something funny happened in her dream and she laughed and it woke her up.

In summation: I snort to wake myself up and my lovely, eathereal sis? Well she awakes to the tinkles of laughter.

Ever seen the movie twins? Where Arnold Shwarza-hardwordtospell is this wonderful person and Danny Devito was the accidental leftover crap? One guess as to which I identify with! :)

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nonojean3 said...

I hate it when I snort myself awake. Then I like look around the room as if someone is there who made that noise because it certainly did not come from me.