Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Mine's Better Than Yours...

After my gratuitous display of opinion yesterday on this lil' blog of mine (I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! What? Oops - sorry - singing.) I started to reflect on the fact that people always say "Hey, you're entitled to your own opinion," but mean: "As long as it's the same as mine."

Like, when someone tells me how Calamari is great and like heaven on a plate - my first reaction is to say: "Yes, I too enjoy deep-fried rubber bands," because I know that Calamari is gross. For a split second, I really cannot fathom how someone capable of speech and saying "no" could really like to eat squid. Then, I am taken aback at myself and my complete disregard for their right to eat (nasty-ass) appetizers.

Or when someone insists that "The Island" was really a good movie - and I have to - have to - correct them by saying "Nope, it was quite the sucky copy-cat flick, but it did have Ewan 'Big One' McGregor in it, so you may have a tiny point, there."

And the same go for others. I was discussing, again, about how that Nickelback song about a guy looking at pictures was horrible. An abomination of the musical genre, it is, and I am instantly disputed. "No, he's passionate over the memories of the pictures, not the photographs, themselves." And I want to say, "No, he's pretending to be passionate over the memories, but as Randy Jackson would say 'I'm not buying it.'" But I keep my mouth shut and smile prettily so that all will be hunky dorey, yet inside I am slightly seething at this person for not seeing my point. Which, in itself, is pure humor gold even if you aren't in agreement.

Which brings me to my last opinionated point. I think I'm funny. There, I've said it. And if you don't agree - well I heard that the guy who was the co-host of American Idol in season one has a blog - go read his! But will he make soda shoot out of your nose? No.

Will he make you rethink buying side-zip pants? No.

Will he make you chuckle with delight at the office hi-jinx of a bored receptionist with an attitude problem? No. I think not.

Ye have been warned.


nonojean3 said...

What's up dog? (I'm channeling Randy) I think you're funny and my opinion is most important. (Now, I'm channeling Simon)  

I had someone comment on my journal that I had a very boring life and gave me some writing tips on how to make my stories more interesting.  Well @#*#*@#, if I want your advice I'll asked for it.  I mean its not like I'm forcing them to read it, but I might resort to that.

Don't let the "man" keep you down!!
Love Always,
Brian Dunkelman

tenyearnap said...

Ok, you're funny, even if you don't like the delight of calamari. (It's GOOD, dammit, just eat it!) And nonojean doesn't have a boring life--I love her blog!!

That Nickelback guy seems more creepy and medicated than passionate.

The real reaon I read your blog is I love that sensation when the soda shoots out my nose. Ah, rapture...