Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Heh heh heh - BRAINS!

During the past week when my sister was in - the strangest things happened to me. First, I couldn't seem to form coherent thoughts, words, sentences or even proper word choices. I would start to say something like: "Wow, that woman's choice of wardrobe is both enlightening and inappropriate" and this is what would come out "Wow - ugly - ward- um - she look bad."

I have decided that God does make mistakes and that my sis and I should've been one person. We share a brain, I have the left and she is clutching to the shred of sanity left in the right half. When we get together, instead of our two halves meshing in perfect polarity, they fight like two positively charged magnets and end up making us a (literally) laughing, drooling mess.

Which is actually kinda fun.

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