Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leggo My Preggo Eggo

So obviously I've not posted a blog in sometime and for that I apologize. But I have a good excuse! I'm pregnant!

17 weeks along - and the first 12 were AWFUL! I was sick all the time and then I caught a horrendous cold that made me sound like a barking, mentally deranged seal which would make me gag and THEN I'd toss my cookies (sometimes literally as I love me some Cookie Crisp cereal) and THEN, as if THAT wasn't bad enough - this happened:

I was lying in bed, enjoying the last of the 15 minute naps that my coughing fits would allow when the alarm went off. I reached up to turn off the annoying buzzer - and coughed. My back popped. I screamed. Harry hopped up like he'd been shot and ran around turning on lights in his underwear. I had thrown out my back - coughing. I was in such immense pain. And I was so scared. I'd been so good about taking better care of this fetus than the last one that decided not to stick around so the idea of taking medicine scared me. But seeing as how Harry had to lower me on to the toilet and sit me up every three hours - I had no choice. By the end of the weekend I was almost able to sit up, roll over and use the bathroom again on my own. I was as accomplished as most 18 month olds - and thanks to the drugs my doc insisted I take - I slept just as much, too.

My due date is April 1st, fittingly enough, on April Fool's Day. And - since I'm the queen of "TMI" - I must tell you of the conception date as I know exactly when this little "surprise" was sprung.

It was a late night a few months ago and Harry was waiting for our friend Tom to come over to play a rather vulgar game of "Tony Hawk" for old times' sake. While we were waiting for him to arrive - a make out session commenced. Ten minutes later Tom arrived. We - had not. So Harry scooted him down the stairs and told him to set up the Xbox. A respectable amount of time later, Harry joined him and I laid in bed, unawares that my netherregions were being invaded. So to speak.

So, that's why I like to say that it took every Tom, Dick and Harry to get me pregnant. :)

There's a lot going on right now and I'm going to try to make sure to keep this blog updated as the baby days start to pile up and end on that fateful day - when the stork will arrive with a baby. And a vlasic pickle.

Don't burst my bubble. :)