Monday, March 20, 2006

I was tagged by Cindy!

4 (pathetic)Jobs (NOT careers) I have had:

I sold shoes a la Al Buny.

I hocked dead animal skins.

I pierced ears.

I sold sno-cones. Yeah - your life doesn't suck until you've done three outta four of the above "occupations."

4 movies I love

Newsies - Yum.

Star Wars - Can't help it - that's just good story-tellin'.

Harry Potter 1-? - love them all. And sometimes think to myself: "Accio Remote!" Although I never really say it out loud... heh heh

Mickey's Christmas Carol - my hubby and I watched this six times in a row last Christmas - Scrooge -ya ol' coot - never gets tiresome!

4 favorite television shows

One Tree Hill

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Smallville ( I guess we know how I feel about the WB, huh?!)

4 favorite books

Undead and Unwed (series)

Harry Potter (series)

Autobiography of a Fat Bride (and anything by Laurie Notaro)

I will keep this spot open in order to reserve it for either - a book I love and can't remember or the parts of books I have read that could go here, even if the entire book didn't make me swoon with literary delight.

4 places I have been on vacation

Hawaii - Nothing beats standing on the beach and knowing that any iota of responsibility is miles and miles and miles and miles away.

Orlando - it's a small small world --- and it's filled with too many kids. Too many, too many kids..

Myrtle Beach, SC - got knocked under by a wave when I was just walking. Stayed under for a good minute before anyone noticed. Gotta love "selective parenting."

Home Depot - so many shiny appliances, and things to build, and trinkets to play with and - stuff! Oh - it just tickles my fancy!

4 of my favorite dishes

Pfalzgraf.. hahahaha - I know I know - you mean food - hmph.

Artichoke Dip - made by me!

Peach Cobbler with extra crusties. AND with a big ol' scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - yummo.

Green cheese. Which, of course, is a whole block of cream cheese stuck on a plate with jalapeno jelly smacked down on top of it. Oh - it's divine. Green goo-ishly deee-vine.

4 places I'd rather be right now

Anywhere else.

Anywhere else.

Anywhere else.

Anywhere else  x  infinity.

I tag:  Stacey, Tiffany, Sumsie the Bunny and April!

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