Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Unclean

It's been a rough week. Big Harry was gone, frolicking through the Georgian meadows and soaking up the warm southern sun (certainly not working like a dog!!!) while I stayed behind to tend to the behind, and other parts, of my darling baby.
Who laughs at me when I cry.
And laughs harder when I cry harder.
Evil baby.
So when I called Harry today to get sympathy for my maternal maladies, here was his response:

Me: "it's been a hard week. Baby has been a little fussy and clingy and wouldn't let me put him down. Hell, I haven't been able to take a real shower since you left!"

And what pearl of wisdom did he pull from 'tween his butt cheeks? What comforting phrase did he utter to quell my fears and soothe my nerves?

Big Harry: " Eeeeeeeewwww."

Yup. Not "ohhhh, baby, don't you worry, I'll be home soon and you can go soak until you're pruny!"
I got "Eeeeeeeewww."

So when the baby wanted to spit up on Daddy's side of the bed and then roll in it like a little hairless puppy- I let him.
Cuz, ya know, "Eeeeeeeewww!"


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Pictures

Creative blog title, yes?
Here's some pics of my babykins from the past few weeks. 
Hard to believe the lil' bugger hit the six month mark already!

Baby Harry is growing so fast!
He found his toes the other day - and he's been angry at them ever since - punishing them by biting and chewing on them every chance he gets. 
Also, he figured out that by yanking the dark strands coming out of my head - he can make me make funny, loud noises like, "uugowowow!" and "quititevilbaby!"

Motherhood has its challenges.  Like figuring out how to make pea-vomit-speckled shirts look classy-ish, and how to pack an SUV creatively since you're cramming in everything but the kitchen sink (we have wipes for that), and, of course, how to still maintain some iota of your former personality while calculating the available "free" time you have left in a day.  Which is, usually, none.  
But it has its perks too.  Like having a cute baby.  


Monday, October 4, 2010

"F" For (Lack of) Effort

"You know," I said as I snuggled deeper into Big Harry's armpit on the tacky striped sofa, "we could totally do it right now."  Then I sighed.  "But as soon as we got naked you know he'd wake up."
"I was just thinking the same thing," he said, grinning - and not taking his eyes off of the football game on tv. 
"Is it sad that we now gauge our sex life by whether or not we'll wake up a sleeping baby?"
"Ungh," he grunted - either in agreement or because defense showed blitz or someone dropped a ball/caught a ball/ saw a ball - I don't follow "The Football."

A few minutes later I was standing at the sink when I felt a presence behind me.  
I felt something pressing against the back of my jean-clad butt and legs.  
I giggled and glanced back at my husband who was grinning. 
I was beginning to make a snarky comment about how it was probably half-time when - we heard distinct crying and disgruntled sounds coming from the other room. 
Baby Harry, sensing his parents were about to do something that would distract their attention from his many needs for longer than five minutes, had awoken and was not pleased. 

"Your turn," I said, turning back to the dishes.  
"Ungh," he grunted.  
This time I'm sure it was not because of a bad football play.