Monday, March 20, 2006

One More and I'll Quit - PROMISE (well - for today, anyway...)

I added a new entry on my fictional Vampire Blog  - which I'm thinking isn't as wonderous as I gathered.  I think it's funny and clever and a great creative outlet - but I'm also thinking that the ones who share that school of thought with me are few and far between! 

Oh well, it happens. 

However,  ya'all know that you're only allowed to disagree with me on three things. 

You only get three.  That's it.  THREE.  Cuz we all know that I know everything.  Yup - EVERYTHING.  And that which I don't know - I fake.  Ahahahaha! 



hee hee

1 comment:

dpoem said...

Egads!  I'm visitor #666 to your blog.  Are you sure you only want to limit me to a meager three disagreements?  I've got some wicked, Biblical-quality mojo on my side.  Bwahahaaa...  

Anyway, fortunately for you, I love the journal.  It's funnier than hell....  And, being #666, I think I know what I'm talking about.