Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tri-Wizard? Don't mind if I do....

My cupboards are bare  - so last night, it was either go hungry ( a fate worse than having nothing to wear to a chubby gal like myself) or - go to the store. Neither option was particularly appetizing so I ate a pb&j sandwich, a bag of wheat thins and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. All of this was consumed while watching FOUR HOURS OF HARRY POTTER.

Now that I've lost all coolness points I may have had (I'm now at -5,998,001) I will enlighten you on my first reaction. That movie rocked the Kazbah! (-5,998,002) And the extras were great, too! The best part was following around three of the "Goblet of Fire Champions." All of them had to do things that made them feel like complete and utter dorks, but when they performed, you couldn't tell! They managed to keep their insecurities buried until "Cut it!" was yelled. It was amazing - like watching someone with multiple personalities switch back and forth before your very eyes!

At one point the director said to Daniel Radcliffe/Harry, basically: "Okay, we're going to stick you in a 20 foot tank, but balloon-things on your hands, take away your breather and you need to look contemplative." And he was like "Okay, let's go!" I don't think I would've been so brave. In fact, I think I would've been like: "Okay, I quit! Find someone else to drown, drag around, and push down the sides of buildings!" Reason # 587 why I could never be an actor...

After writing the last part of this blog, I now realize that I can no longer make fun of my hubby and his need to play with his light saber on a daily basis.

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