Monday, March 27, 2006

"I'm off to see the Wizard..." And ask him for a brain.

Why is it when we have to do something, either for work or for school and that it is required of us to do it, we don't want to do it? Or worse - we freeze up when expected to perform up to par?

I have found two writing contests - one is a challenge to rewrite a fairytale with modern elements and the other is humor-related.

Both are five hundred measley words.

I can usually write five hundred words without batting an eye, but, for some reason, my eyes are frozen open and no amount of "batting" can produce any amount of word count.

Perhaps the well of wit in my brain has been excavated until nothing is left? Do you think it's possible to use up all of one' s wisdom before the age of thirty? Or perhaps it isn't that the level has been depleted so much as it was never really there to begin with? Maybe when I hit thirty and after I have my sobfest at being an official "adult" I will awaken to a new world where I am witty, wonderful, wise and articulate, if not a bit puffy-eyed.

Until then I will just stare at the blank screen, waiting for inspiration - or for my computer to lock up - whichever comes first.


nonojean3 said...

Don't think of your brain as a nonrenewal resource but more like a margarita glass at happy hour.  It requires constant refills and once its been replenished all is right with the world.  

Moral of the story: margaritas may be a good source of inspiration.

tenyearnap said...

Um, I'm going to nonojean's house now...Hey and cut out that dreading 30 thing, will ya. Look at me--46 and still as childish as ever. What's the female version of "Peter Pan Syndrome"?