Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Essentials of Managing the Front Desk"

I was just sent, via "Attn : Receptionist" a very colorful, very informative invitation to atttend "an intesive one-day workshop for Receptionists."

One of the perks:  Learning to deal more effectively with different (and often difficult personalities).  Another perk:  Manage the telephone with greater confidence and success.

No thanks.

I'm not paying $149 (equating to, I dunno, 50% of my crappy pay) to go to such nominal classes.

Now - offer me:  Dialing with your Nose 101, How to Smoke Out a Telemarketer 302, and Slamming Down the Receiver with Flourish 501 and - dude - I'm there!  

Throw in:  Productive Hog-tieing Techniques Using Paper Clips, Scotch Tape and a Well-placed Phone Cord - and I'll be first in line- with my headset on!


Disclaimer:  I don't really wear a headset.  I refused.  I take enough degrading comments on a daily basis to have to strap on a device that reminds me of the horrors of orthodontiaHmph.

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dpoem said...

My Tip on dealing with "different" and "more difficult" personalities is to just wave a pistol around in the air.  They tend to become a lot less difficult after that.