Monday, March 20, 2006

Deer in Headlights

             This morning, right after I had backed into the road and was ready to haul ass to get to work on time, I spied four deer. They were about to cross the road ahead of me but stopped when they saw the big black behemoth of a vehicle I was in. I could see the look in their eyes and conjured that their collective dialogue went as follows: "Elephant? Is that? What? Eat me? Hmm?!"

             I paused and let them pass. It occurred to me that I should, at that present time, while I watched their beautiful lean forms prance and slip on the unfamiliar pavement, be thinking about thier beauty and grace, about how their freckles, smattered on them like paint, were not unfamiliar to mine, that these were gorgeous creatures of nature and that they were just as significant or insignificant on this great green earth as I.

            But I didn't think that.

            Any of that.

            I thought: "Deer? Is that? What? Charge me? Hmm?!"

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