Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Can you hear me now?

The other day my dear sweet talkative sister calls me while I'm at work. I answer the phone and she immediately launches into a terribly funny and amusing story about an incident with my niece. I lean on to my desk and - the phone cord falls out of the headset.

I scramble for it, drop it, scramble again, bump my head on my desk and finally, after a couple of frantic minutes, get it reinserted.

She's still talking.

Summer has been conversing with a dead line for a good 60 seconds or more - and she didn't even notice.


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nonojean3 said...

The same thing happened to my mother.  We were on our cell phones and lost connection.  I wondered why she didn't call me right back.  She continued to talk for 10 minutes before she realized I wasn't there.