Monday, March 20, 2006

Irkfest 2006

There are many things in this world that bug me (all of which have been detailed in this here blog, for ya'all to read) but even more than that - there are TONS of things that irk me.

Like when you wait forever - years - on your band/grouper/singer of choice to release a new cd and it's - crap. It's self-important, not-much-thought put in it - crap. Take SheDaisy's new one - go listen to a snippet if you can - it sounds like every other country/pop/we can be cool, too, crap that's out there.

Crap, crappity, crap crap.

And when you go to the kitchen and you are expecting to see your water/soda/juice that you've painstakingly put there for enjoyment at 3pm and WHAM it's gone?! How annoying is that?!

And when you're trying to write - trying to concentrate on your report/blog entry/book du jour and someone stands over top of you discussing work stuff or cattle or horses or, worse, the fate of the country. Please - either say something interesting to me or leave me alone! Thanks - have a nice day!

How some people just aren't funny. I was in a book store the other day and this guy kept talking at this other guy who was - ahem - clearly trying to type up some sorta manifesto of life and this guy was saying: "Yeah, so I said 'Who are you - the manager?' and the guy said 'yeah, I'm the manager, Manger, Mr. Manger.' Dude his name was almost manager - Manger! So I said 'What?! Do you, like, sleep in a tent behind the store Mr. Manger.' 'Cause he's there so much - a tent!" I was ready to pick up my chair, hold it high above my flabby arms and whap him over the head with it all the while telling him equally lame Knock Knock jokes.

And I hate when people are condescending to me over the phone just because the level of job skill it actually takes to perform my duties are so contrite that a monkey with one arm could do it. Easily.

People bug me when they try to squeeze philosophical meaning out of every little instance. However, that being said, I truly hope that people come to my little slice of the www world out there, read a bit, chuckle a bit and then go off and are ready to face the world. Cause, goshdarnit, if Holly can handle herself against the trials and tribulations of a bulimic kitty and an accidental head-butting hubby, then I can handle anything that comes my way!!!

So, those are some of my irks. I have many more - but will save those for another rainy day.

Which, according to the weather station, that's every day this week!





sparx1972 said...

You know what bugs me?  People like you that write useless blogs that nobody gives a crappity crap CRAP about.

h0llyk911 said...

(responding to commenter below)

Holy crap - YOU were the one talking about the manager that lived in his tent?!
Sorry 'bout that.
Didn't mean to bring up painful memories of your past.

Perhaps you should try reading something less jovial - like the obituaries - that just may make your day!!!  Good luck!