Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Flying Fists of Furry Fury

Apparently, my sweet and innocent kitty is really a demon hell spawn in a fluffy, furry wrapper.

My Daddy Dearest picked her up, flopped her into her carrier (which I need to find a "CAUTION - DANGEROUS ANIMAL" sticker to put on it) and took her to the vet. She didn't make a sound until they got to the waiting area where she meowed a bit and Dad, being the greatest Daddy in the World cooed at her and soothed her (the savage beast).

She really did do fine.

Took her shots okay.

Then they decided to do some blood work since she has to have her teeth cleaned (again) next week.

It took three nurses and a doctor to hold her down.

Dad said she looked possessed - -eyes as big as black saucers and flattened ears - all eight teeth shining under the florescent lights - - and even managed to get one of the trained veterinary professionals to drop the needle.

So they had to start over.

She let out a horrendous yell of utter and unholy torment.

Dad said it lasted a full minute and a half.

When it was over, she flew like a hairy banshee into her cage leaving five very white, very shaky people in her wake.

Dad recounted this story to me over the phone. I immediately hung up and called Harry.

"Do you know what YOUR daughter did today???"

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