Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Well - it's not deoderant, but...

Dan cracks me up.

I'm at work, reading his blog and burst into giggles that don't stop even when I have to answer the phone and be "professional."

Take this entry, for example - one line in it struck me as pure giggle-snortin' gold : "Oh my god!  I'm going to die miserable and alone in a house full of deodorant-covered cats."  

Mainly because my mind instantly fluttered back to a time a few days ago when I curled up on my couch to watch a movie and eat Jalapeno jelly on cream cheese and crackers.  Which is really delicious so don't wrinkle your nose at me! :)

Anyway, I am done with my snack and put it next to me on the couch.  I don't hear the approaching jingle (Harry has the bass turned up so loud on the receiver the windows rattle).  I don't see the furry head wiggle in anticipation.  I don't see the butt bob as she lines up the jump.  What I do see is her landing smack dab in the middle of my plate. 

I try to help her.

Try to catch her and remove the green goo from her tummy.

But it's no use.

She runs from me and plunks down on the carpet. 

At this point I can either fight my way out of the recliner or watch and see what she does.

I'm a horrible mom.  THIS is why I shouldn't have children

I choose to watch.

She licks at the jelly and then stops.  Her eyes grow wide and she cocks her head and then starts cleaning the side of her leg like a kitty possessed.  After the spicy jelly has left her little pink tongue - she then goes back to the sticky spot on her abdomen  - right above her seventh nipple.  Her eyes go wide again and she hurriedly licks her leg again. 

It's funny as hell to watch. 

I'm mean.


pippa1116 said...

We have a lot of fun watching our pets.  we once put a ring box on our cat's head and it just fit perfectly over her ears and everything.  she walked backwards all over the house.  I started to take it off, but got so tickled, I just enjoyed it too. LOL
tina  http://journals.aol.com/pippa1116.SteelMagnolia  

psychfun said...

OMG he is soooo funny! Thanks for suggesting it. I was laughing hysterically too & with that comment about the glade plug HA!

Had to pimp it on my sight too with my comments.

princesssaurora said...

No... that is funny!

be well,