Wednesday, August 2, 2006

ASS outta U and ME

For once, my work life is a bit busy - mainly because our time recording program 
is on the fritz and the only one the I.T. guy trusts to help him is
me since my ability to work a computer goes beyond the normal
troubleshooting and rebooting.
In the midst of all of this - I forget to turn on the older attorney's light
on his phone to let him know he has a call.  How does he respond?  He
goodnaturally ribs me for being "old."
I also can't recall if another attorney had buzzed me and told me to "take
messages" or if that was yesterday.   My mind drew a blank.  So I called him
and asked him:
"Um, are you taking calls today?" I ask tentatively.
"Didn't I already call up there and tell you I wasn't?" he huffed.
"Sorry - things have been a bit crazy and I was just double-checking!"  I
laugh and then wait.
"Okay, ass-monger-head - nice talking to you!" I yell and then slam the
phone.  Darting back to his office- I yank him out of his chair and throw
him out of his window testing the theory to see if asses can fly.

I wish I would've said that and done that.
I wish I would've said something else, more funny, more clever, more
biting - instead I laughed like a hyena on helium.

I guess this is why they say hindsight is 20/20.

Update:  Lawyerman just came out and said "I'm glad young people forget
things, too!" and then joked around with me, quintessentially making ME feel
like the ass for having written this tirade in the first place.  Sigh.


psychfun said...

Ha! That is funny...I would have said..." the lawyer career must be really stressful when you start to think telling me yesterday was today." Make him wonder himself if he did! Ha!

What is with the code in your posting? Hmmm?

pippa1116 said...

well, if he hadn't realized how much of an ass that he sounded, he wouldn't have came out and try to smooth it over.  tina

dpoem said...

Hey!  Go in and insert a carriage return after the word "program."  Things seem all wonky.


h0llyk911 said...

This poor entry is making an ass outta my ability to even work NON-html journals!  Thanks for the help, Dan - what in the world is going on with AOL???


dpoem said...

Well, Super Holly, my guess is that you wrote this entry on something like Word, and when you cut and pasted it into your journal, all its little html coding decided to tag along.  That can be a real pain sometimes.