Monday, August 28, 2006

What's black and white and READ all over! MY BLOG! ahahah

I really have no clue what the title of this entry means - so - um- look inside yourself and divulge the inner meaning by meditating on it and - uh - eat some candy or somethin'...

So I  have some updates for you:

1.  Even though I am horrible about updating my vampire journal - I did today and feel free to check it out here.   Should you be a newbie at it and want to sharpen your teeth on something softer first, start at the beginning.  It's fun- Kat Freeman (the vamp at large) kills lawyers and mobs by the bushel.  It's quite fun.  But I'm stuck - so any story ideas from here would be great. I may have peaked when I impregnated my main character with the spawn of Satan... Hmm...

2. Have been editing my book and since Graduate School has been taking up most of my time, I haven't worked on it in a week.  But don't you worry.  I know I have a September 11th deadline and I plan on keeping it. 

3.  Harry's heading home on Wednesday to get ready for the bachelor party on Thursday night.  My idea is to scrap the cake and make cupcakes with little chocolate candy boobs on each one and THEN if I can manage - write funny sayings on them like "Boob."  or "Eat me" or "Not now I have a headache" - but that may be too long...

4.  My kitchen and tv room still look like a war zone in the post-flood (aka "Home Depot Must Die) area.  Albeit a very tidy, clean area. 

5.  I went to see "Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" on Saturday.  I laughed so hard I think that I may have tinkled a little. Oops.  The only thing I didn't like was the preview for "Grudge 2".  It gave me nightmares.  The PREVIEW gave me nightmares.  Needless to say I will not be going to see Buffy get whacked by the creepy kid ghost cat thing.

6.  Lord help me - but I think I'm caught up on my homework.   No, mustn't speak of it, mustn't jinx it!  ACK!



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therealslimemmy said...

that had better be a pretty big cupcake for "not now i have a headache"
cute though cupcakes will be easier i'm sure