Thursday, August 17, 2006

Doctor Visit # 100,456.5


Yipppe Skipppeeee!

I just really didn't want to "have it removed" (I hate that phrase - it makes it seem so - simple! ) .   So the cute doc looked at me with those amazing blue eyes of his, perched a tiny hand on his chin and squinted: "How are you doing?"  His concern was apparent.  The waiting room was filled with wrinkly old people with various limbs and organs ready to de-plant themselves - so my newish, mostly functioning, chubby body was probably a nice change of pace.   Or so I'd like to think.  

Unfortunately, he didn't get to second base trying to "feel" my gallbladder - just sat on his stool like a good little MD and rubbed his chin.

Which is fine - but c'mon - the only time a married chick can get some non-betrothed action is during a doctor's visit!   It's like dating all over again without the intricate choosing of the pretty panties and matching lacy barely-cover-the-nipple bra or the agony of trying to eat pasta and NOT dropping any down the front of one's shirt to nestle in the cup of aforementioned lacy garment!

Where was I? 
Oh - yeah - so as long as I eat low-fat, low-spice, and low -taste - I'm fine and there's a good chance that my precious organ will get neither worse nor better!  Unfortunately - should it decide to revolt and leave me like an upturned turtle - stuck in the middle of my bed - again - I have to immediately call my Doc and say - "Hey - wanna round Second?"


I have to call him and schedule a time to have it removed should the pain return.  Am thinking of asking if they have a "Buy one, Get one" special - maybe I can get a tummy tuck, too!

hee hee.


UPDATE:  Only bad thing about my Doc's visit (well - if you don't count the lack of over-the-shirt action) is that my room was right next to the bathroom and - it wasn't very soundproof.  EW.


kuhlhiggins said...

Your doctor sound's hot.

pippa1116 said...

hot docs are always nice.  You should have seen the one that came to check me after my hysterectomy!!!!  woohoo! too bad he was only a resident.  tina

dpoem said...

My doc is a short, little, Chinese dude named Fang.  I kid you not.  My doctor is Doctor Fang.  


princesssaurora said...

I am glad you get to pass on the surgery for now.  My hubby had his first attack at 19, then didn't again until 29... and immediately had surgery... it was so awful!

The attack, not the surgery... the surgery is easy.

be well,

therealslimemmy said...

i had my gallbladder removed in april.
i was having awful gallbladder attacks to the point where i could not eat anything at all without being in pain all night
i hope you are ok
(ps certain types of pizza REALLY did it for me)
i'm not sure if you have every been pregnant or not but that will a lot of the time worsen the pain i had started mine then and had to have it removed after mine was born
it got really bad over that time