Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Take one fluffy kitty.

Add water.

Watch as she shrinks.

Point and laugh.  

Hey - it's not my fault she was stinky!   But, yeah, I enjoyed it more than I should have.  Heh heh.  Her fur - CURLED! ahahahaha!

Update:  While I was upstairs in my open-air office blogging away - I was completely oblivious to the tiny, wet kitty hatching an evil plan.  I found out late last night, just what that plan was:  SHE CURLED UP IN A LITTLE BALL AND LAID ON MY SIDE OF THE BED!  AND ON MY PAJAMAS!  I'm getting ready for bed last night - only to find out that the little hairball of fury had decided to make a nice wet spot for me to have to sleep in!  "Oh - you may have won this round, my furry nemesis - but the game is not over yet!"  


dpoem said...

hehehehe... I love the picture.  How'd your cat get to be so stinky?  


tenyearnap said...

I'm sending Bunny over.

princesssaurora said...

Somehow, the cat wil always come out on top!

be well,

sangriablue3151 said...


I just recently started reading your journal (aka two days ago, lol) and you're just so funny! I love how you write..especially about the lady and her mascara...I'm assuming that gal never read the article about the lady who was applying her lipstick, was rear-ended, and ended up choking on the lipstick that got thrown down her thorat. Yee-owch. Please feel free to visit me on my blog:


Have fun!