Friday, August 4, 2006

Welcome to Holly's Kitchen.

Last night, I once again ventured into the realm of culinary coordination - and tackled the succulant cheese sauce that is - Fettucini Alfredo.   I was using the recipe out of a book by Giada from Everyday Italian on (what else?) Foodnetwork. 

Arriving home after work, I scrubbed my hands and then got to work making a peach cobbler for dessert ( my own special recipe that requires less work than a traditional cobbler) I'm stirring the peaches and enough sugar to make a Dentist's convention cringe when I realize I need to start the Alfredo sauce. 

I fill a pot with water for the noodles and then add heavy cream and lemon juice to another deep pan.  My sister arrives just as I'm getting ready to thicken the sauce with parmesean cheese and am adding a pinch of nutmug.

Summer sticks her finger in the pot: "Tasteslikelemonandcream." 

"No - it can't!  It's a Giada recipe! It can't be bad!"  My faith in tv personalities scares me, sometimes.

I try it.  "Tastes like soured cream.  Okay - who wants pepporoni on their pizza?" I sigh and look at the mess.  I really wanted to be able to say that I made homemade alfredo and that it was easy AND good.   I want to be able to say "hey, I'm a cook," without bursting into giggles over the sheer stupidity of the statement.

I make a decision - I'm going to eat it anyway.

"Put it over the noodles, I'm eating it, damnit."  I lift up a noodle with half-melted bits of cheese stuck to it and hold it above my mouth.  Closing my eyes I lower it on to my tongue.  Summer and Brian look at me expectantly as I chew.

"It's good.  It's actually good!"  I squeal and then fill my bowl with the cheese concoction.   My dinner companions look at me warily. 

And then they try it.

Something about adding the noodles to the alfredo cut the tartness out and made it so yummy!   It even rivals the Olive Garden's alfredo - which I love!

So we sit down to eat our bowls of pasta.

"Hey, Holly?"  Brian calls from the kitchen, "do you have any bigger bowls?"  I point to the cabinet behind him and he pulls out a very large serving bowl.

"Are you gonna eat out of that?" I ask.

"Yup - it's my 'Jethro Bowl'," he grinned.  Filling it full of pasta, chicken, vegetables and bread, he sat down and ate like he was a starving 6'4" man - which he was. 


pippa1116 said...

glad it turned out well.  and I love watching the food channel.  have a good weekend....tina

dpoem said...

Mmmm...  Giada.  *sigh*