Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is it Foggy in Here - or Is That Just My Head?

I didn't make it to work yesterday - too busy at home re-enacting that scene from "Zapped" with Scott Baio where he projectile vomits into the sink.   

Only mine had no special effects - although my head may have exploded out the back of my noggin' and I've yet to be clued in.   Either way, I'm at work and typing away in a self-induced fog.

I slept all day yesterday - I fell asleep while watching the Today Show, while calling in to work (sorry!) and while trying to read a story by Charles W. Chesnutt called "Po' Sandy."  Think having a mind-splitting migraine was bad enough - try deciphering deep south dialogue.

For example:  "Sandy en Tenie had n'be'n libbin' tergedder fer mo' d'n two mont's befo Mars Marrabo's old uncle, w'at libbed own in Robeson County, send up ter fin' out ef Mar Marrabo could n' len 'im hire 'em a good hand fer a mont' er so."

Any takers?



argesq said...

I have no idea what that says.....but I'm more concerned about this movie "Zapped."  I'm sure Scott Baio's projectile vomitting was impressive....but why are watching this Charles in Charge reject movie???  I suddenly fear that the migraine has affected your movie viewing judgment. :-)

tenyearnap said...

Ha! I can read that. But not with a headache, I'm sure. I hope it is a very SHORT short story.

pippa1116 said...

"Sandy and Tenie had been living together for more than two month's before Mars marrobo's old uncle, that lived down in Roberson county, sent up to find out of Mars could lend them the money to hire a good hand for a month or so."


gazker said...

You poor thing, I hope you feel better, lousy movie though huh? No wonder you had a migrane!

tenyearnap said...

The uncle doesn't want to borrow money; he wants to borrow a slave. He ends up "borrowing" Sandy, as if Sandy is a piece of farm equipment and not a human being.  Great story but sadly illustrates the plight of slaves.