Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another Rhyme from Holly's Mind While She's "Doing Time."

'An Ode to Utter Boredom and the Procrastination of Jobly Duties"

                                                      by Holly K.

I stopped what I was doing,

jumping up from my desk,

walking down the hall,

heart beating in my chest


I noticed the dead eerie quiet,

that filled my place of employ,

and wondered what was going on,

and if they'd all gone coy.


I slipped into the bathroom,

to use the facilities,

and after, while I washed my hands,

I tried to see what I could see:


My eyes had gone quite dull,

sunken right in to my head,

the sparkle that was there,

Had become dead instead.


I'm not really sure when it happened,

When that light up and died,

Or when my brain stopped working,

Or when my brain got fried.


But somehow it has occurred,

And to you - this I lob,

How can I continue on this path?

This horrible, horrendous JOB?


It's killing my slowly with it's song,

of death, destruction and suits of law,

and just like anoerixia of the soul,

My mood's worse than that movie: "Saw."


But I've put my plan into action,

to light a fire under my mass,

To eventually quit this hellish career,

And tell them to kiss my fluffy, white, freckled ass!


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princesssaurora said...

I hope you get to do it soon...

You have a great degree.... I hope you get out there to use it!!!

be well,