Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Judgemental v. Morally Reprehensible

I've been labeled judgemental by many a friend, co-worker, family member and perfect stranger - and I can pretty much agree and defend my stance as being one of opinion and then backhand a perfect "well - you're judging ME by calling ME judgemental.  ASS"  - and all seems perfectly well. 

But at lunch today - while I'm stuffing my face with Subway Pizza (sooo good!) and trying to hurriedly finish an episode of "Smallville" while sitting in my car - I notice a woman walking up to  the curb behind my behemoth bumper.

She is short, with mousey brown hair and small eyes hidden behind large glasses.   Her clothes are Kmart sale rack and her shoes are Nikes.   She plops down, one hand on her young swollen belly and the other reaching into her pleather purse.   This hugely pregnant woman then, in front of God (literally - I was parked behind a church) and everyone - smokes a big ol' cigarrette.  This is the equivilant to sucking on a ciggy and then giving a kid mouth-to-mouth.  It's  just wrong.

I wanted to do something -but short of slowly backing up in hopes of startling the cigarette from her grasp - I was at a loss.  So I sat in horror - no longer happily consuming my tomato and green pepper pizza and realizing the true irony of the situation.  A fat girl eating a pizza looking down on a pregnant woman smoking a cigarrette. 

We were an after school special waiting to happen.



pippa1116 said...

glad you saw the irony there.  life is full of them. at least with the pizza, you were only hurting yourself.  something else that is hard to watch....someone smoking with a baby on their hip. tina

gazker said...

Pizza or not, I would have reversed over her fags, making sure they were well and truly squashed in the packet.
Don't you worry about eating the pizza, but I was a bit concerned, when you said in yesterdays journal, you had a cherry coke with your breakfast, YEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! That, Holly, you do need to address!

psychfun said...

I personally think that should qualify as Child Abuse!!!! We have to get this into Congress...Alcohol would be!

princesssaurora said...

No it wasn't irony... what she was doing is wrong... chubby as you may be, you are making a choice for you.  

She was making a choice for herself and unborn child, that has no choice, not to mention any non-smoker breathing her second hand smoke.  I would have had to have said something.  You aren't judgemental, you have common sense.

be well,

h0llyk911 said...

I should've backed over her Malboro's and then said "oh - SCUSE me - didn't see you and your unborn fetus there! Could've KILLED YOU, huh?"
And then giggled like the deranged person I am.

princesssaurora said...

Exactly... you were totally right... Next time!!! lol

Oh and whoever that was that chastised you about drinking diet coke in the morning...

"Hello???!!!  Talk to the hand!!!"  Sheesh, this is your friggin blog you are not looking for people to critique your diet!  @@

be well,