Saturday, August 19, 2006

Heads or Tails?

Harry arrived home yesterday, kissed me a peck worthy of any grandparent and flew past me to my laptop - propped open for his immediate use.

He furiously typed in password after password until he ended up accessing his government issued e-mail.  Today was the day we were to find out if his was to continue to be stationed here in good ol' WV or if we were to pack up all three floors of our over-stuffed home and move to a foreign place.  Like Utah.  :)

He mumbled a bit and then threw his arms up in the air:  "Weeee're heeeerre!"  

Part of me was happy to be continuing our Hillibilly habitation. I mean, I grew up here.  Gillian's here, my whole family is in a thirty minute radius. But, then again, part of me was sad to not be going off on some adventure to go to lands unknown to my non-traveling self.  I was hoping for fun, danger and navigation through new malls, cities, villages and highway systems.  I was hoping to know the thrill of finding the cleanest McDonald's and dscovering a local eatery. 

But not packing three years woth of accumulated marital shit - well - that's nice, too.

And Harry's as giddy as he was when he first laid eyes on an Xbox 360 - so - all's good.

We go to tell the good news to my 'rents and decide to walk around the block of my childhood home.   Half way around a small kitty wanders up to us and meows.  He's tiny and cute and al black with brown spots. Looking like a small, but lovable, leopard, he walks towards us in hopes of affection.

"Don't talk to it,"  Harry says, eyes straight ahead, military-style.  

"What?! Why not?"  I had no clue what his aversion could possible be to this little harmless feline.

"I don't know.  Just keep walking,"  he said. 

I looked back and the cat followed. Squeaking and weaving, I noticed he had no tail. 

"Harry - he won't hurt us.  He's harmless.  He has no tail," I whispered, trying to be discreet so as to not harm his little fragile ego.  The cat's - not Harry's.   "It's kinda hard to be ferocious with no tail." 

"Just keep walking."



pippa1116 said...

you picked it up, didn't you?  is it on your lap right nOW? purring it's sweet, fragile, tailless, little heart out? lol  tina  

tenyearnap said...

Oh yes, I was all trippy-happy to move to Utah. Eight months here and I am now on Prozac and must be kept away from all weapons of self-destruction.


therealslimemmy said...

poor lil kitty
i didnt know your husband was military?!
we have more in common than i thought
i know what you mean the "adventure"
but packing up and leaving your family is always hard too
i hope you have a good night
<3, emily

dougsbabygirl31 said...

LOL that was soo funny...... I love your journal... Tawnya