Thursday, August 24, 2006

Trouble, Trouble...

Okay - by now it's no secret that I love the Harry Potter series just as much as the next 12-year-old (which I'm not) but sometimes I think that the merchandising on the series has become, well, a bit extreme:


Cool shirt - right?

It's from the WB shop and it's $90 FRICKIN' DOLLARS!   

How could anyone pay $90 for a SHIRT with a HOGWARTS BEJEWELED CREST on it? I mean really!  I don't get it!  How do they expect kids and slightly immature people like myself to promote their merchandise by purchasing it IF they keep pricing things at astronomical heights such as this?

AND - is it bad that I kinda want it?

tee hee.


gazker said...

Very fetching on some old bag, but you got too much style..... Forget Harry Potter and stick with Prada! ;-)

argesq said...

(in a sing-song, tormenting voice)

I have a Hogwarts t-shirt!  It has the Gryffidor Crest! I didn't pay $90 for it!  I am SUH KEWL!


pippa1116 said...

you know, i was really liking the shirt until i got to the price part. but i still kind of want it too, lol  

psychfun said...

It is all a game! They make them 90 to do 50% off & then it is $45 so they get that which is what full price use to be. They think they are fooling people it is just pathetic! Wait until they go to 75% off! :-)

tenyearnap said...

Don't you have a BIRTHDAY coming up in a couple weeks?!?!? Just email Harry the picture and he will surely have that wrapped up on birthday morning. (I know you are reading this, Harry....go now and buy your darling wife her Hogwarts t-shirt. You've probably spent $90 on the go carts by now--TX has the BEST go cart trax ever.)

princesssaurora said...

My son has a non bejeweled version of this.  He grew out of it and I have it saved in a plastic bag in a plastic container because nothing HP related will ever be thrown away.  I wear an HP crested polo shirt... and will until it falls apart.  Love HP... it is one of my personal hobbies/passions too!  I think we were twins separated at birth... lol

Just got back from vacation... trying to catch up.... I will post soon...

be well,

therealslimemmy said...

wow 90 dollars they are out of their minds!
have a good one
<3, emily