Thursday, June 1, 2006

Welcome to my Vacuumy Life...

When I got back from lunch (I have a HUGE cheesey stain on my shirt - looks like - well - something badddddd...) there was a note to call my sister.

"What did you need?" I asked when I finally got her on the line.

"Iwascallingtoseehowtoturnonthevacuum," she said in a quick, hard-to-follow, voice.

"You were calling me - at work - to see how to turn on the vacuum?"


"Are you at my house?"

"No. I'm at mom and dad's."

"Are you using my vacuum at mom and dad's?"


I struggled to comprehend.

"You called me at work," I paused to gather the strength to go on, "to ask me how to turn on mom and dad's vacuum cleaner at mom and dad's house?"

"Yeah. That'sanemergencyright?"

I banged the receiver against my freckled forehead.

This is the chick who will be accompanying me to my upcoming surgical procedure.

Send help.


1 comment:

psychfun said...

HA! That is too funny! How old is she? I might want to think of your Plan B for the surgery! HA!