Friday, June 16, 2006

Bribes, Vibes and being Snide

I was just given a $100 bonus - "just because."

I know it's a bribe. I know it's a ploy for my affection.  I know it's a bid for my loyalty.

And I know that I shouldn't feel sated at taking it. 

Or spending it.

Which I'm planning to do.

Shall I buy a "Good Husband's Day Gift"?  Nah - Harry just bought himself a seat for Game Six to while he's in Texas (he leaves me Monday - AGGGGHH!).

Shall I spend it on something practical like a much-needed highlighting job (WHAT?! To me - and my 2" roots - that IS practical!)?  Or something fun, like a life-sized Dobby from the Harry Potter movies?

However it's spent - I will not let its origin, or intention, spur me from treating it like I would any other $100 - by spending it quickly and without regret! 


1 comment:

princesssaurora said...

If you have a link to the life sized Dobby I want to see it!

I love everything Harry and I would do my roots too!  You go girl!

be well,