Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MY Lunch hour -not YOURS - MIIIIIIIINE!

Since I am driving the pretty white Corvette to work - I do not have access to the usual comforts of my lunch hour : DVD player, 7 inch screen, PS2 and other comfortable amenities. So, to make the best of the hour at hand, I went to a local cafe and asked for a Taco Salad. Sitting down, I pulled out my pink Ipod to listen to some Buble (love him).

Over the sounds of the cutie crooner I could hear the man who owns the cafe on the phone:

"No! NO! You're - you're just like Heather! You just can't do that! No! NO! You're just like Heather! You can't take orders!"

Ten minutes later...

"Hello? No! NO! Call them and ask them for their fax number! No! NO! You're just like Heather! Can't take directions!"

I got up and left. I couldn't stay and listen to him berate his boyfriend and his sister in the same breath. I fled to the sanctity of my office.

Settling in at the kitchen table I pulled out my Ipod and a pad of paper and began outlining story ideas. I was half-way through a rather juicy plot twist when the candy-bowl-sniffer pushed open the door.

"No, it's not time yet - but I have to get ready to leave! Right at 12:30! Can't be late!" I didn't bother to remove my ear buds while she talked. I was at lunch. Her head could be on fire and I'd wait until my hour had expired before helping her extinguish the flames.

I waved my hand dismissively.

I was in no mood to be bothered.

However, I was tempted to throw a chocolate bar in the opposite direction to see if she'd chase it.

Instead I turned back to my scribbles - and cursed.

I lost my plot line.

Okay - I was mad before - with all the firings and stupid "rules" but nobody - NOBODY -makes me LOSE MY PLOT LINE!


tenyearnap said...

Apparently, you're JUST LIKE HEATHER!!!! Hee hee.

dpoem said...

No no...  Heather can't take directions!  

Wait... That wasn't funny.  Damn!  I'm an idiot today.