Monday, June 5, 2006

I fear Change...

I do, really, fear change.

Not pennies, nickels and dimes change - but real, actual, "your life shall be forever altered" change.

Case in point - my "ticka, ticka, TICKA, TICKA" car.  I love it.  Don't wanna part with it and about came to tears over the thought of getting rid of it for my replacement - Harry's beloved Gas Guzzling Charger.

So - we're not getting the Charger.

However, on Saturday we went to test-drive a black on black Chevy Trailblazer SS that boasts Onstar, duel (Harry just called to tell me that I mis-typed "duel" -it should be "dual" - but in my mind - I think the other spelling is MUCH more appropriate!) climate, heated seats and a tire inflater in the back.  Not to mention an engine that's faster than my corvette. 

It was heaven.2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS

And, as one online mag put it:  "If you must drive an SUV, might as well drive a fast one!" 

I loved every single one of those 495 horsies under the hood and had mental images of me, zooming down Fifth Avenue and drawing admiring stares from the half-naked frat brats perched on the end of their tattered lawn chairs.

We drive around St. Albans - punching the gas at every green light and playing with the windows and seats when Harry looks at me:  "Do you like it? I think it's great..."

I'm just about to open my mouth to sing the praises of the not-too-big SUV when he says this: "Yeah - I could drive this everyday...  Think you could handle the Denali?" 

I stop, smile and say: "Yup."  Me and Jumbo - we go waaaaay back.... 

So I get a hand-me-down car - again.  But seeing as how the last one was a white 'vette that made today, an otherwise dreary Monday, pretty darn cool - then it's all gooooooood.



princesssaurora said...

No way...keep the trailblazer... I love mine!  And the Denali is sooo big!  lol

be well,

psychfun said...

I started 2 yrs ago with a Saturn Vue & now I love SUVs & want a bigger & faster one myself! HA!