Thursday, June 15, 2006

No repeats

If I could do this day over - I would.

If I could do this past week over - I would.

If I could do this past year/decade over - I would.

Who ever said "live for today" was definitely not of the same mental attitude as most people today in their "hurry up and wait" way of life. I'm sick of waiting and I'm sick of wondering the "what if's" of life.  Yet, I still do.

I wonder if I would've turned left out of my housing complex instead of right - what would've happened?  Would the world spin off its axis if Holly didn't show up for her crappy job to answer crappy questions from crappy callers?  No.  However - I would've missed this sight:

I'm stopped, sitting in my car, slowly creeping down Third Avenue, trying to navigate the left turning lane - but am having difficulties due to the tiny browned man in tiny tight jogging shorts.  He has chosen, rather brazenly, to not tread upon the sidewalk or curb, but to carve his own path and niche - right down the middle of the road. He's jogging, bobbing up and down and following the double yellow line. 

I watch as his little white head disappears down the street and wonder to myself - is he living for today? Is he?  And as I watch as people rubberneck around him, trying to get a good look at him, making sure he's real and that the No-Doze and Eight cups of coffee are not wreaking havoc with their sanity, I realize that yes, that little man is definitely living for today. 

And - if he's not careful...

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