Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wine and Cheese Revisited

First of all I must tell you about the cutest thing - EVER!  Harry, Sis and I went to Blenko Glass last Sunday and I got a plate with a handle on it - shaped like a mouse! And a matching green plate that's labeled: CHEESE!!!

Can't wait to put them to use at the next W(h)ine and Cheese(y) party!

Here's a great pic that our resident photographer, Tiffany took at our last gathering  - that's my kitchen with the misappropriated refridgerator in the background:

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From left to right:  Bracken (a newbie to the circuit), Tiffany, Angela, ME (ugh - never wearing THAT shirt again - I look like an old sausage casing), Stacey (she's gettin' hitched in November) and my darling Sister, Summer (she of the shoe-string fingers - check-em out - they're abnormally long and skinny... creepy...).


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