Wednesday, June 7, 2006

De Ja F-U...

I hate doing things twice. Not all things (dessert - twice a day - NICE; Sex twice a day - NICE; Sleeping twice a day - NICE...) but in certain instances, when one has to perform one tedious task and then turn around and do the same exact task for a second time - it gets annoying.

Take this morning for instance. I have to print bills at my job and then give them to the office manager (who looks like a frickin' bumble bee this morning) who, in turn, hands them out to the attorneys (heaven forbid if they should come directly from my lower-class hands!).

I gave her half of Mr. Lawyerman's bills on Friday since a printing error made it impossible to que his whole stack-o-bills.

She never gave them to him.

I didn't know this.

So when I reprinted his bills on Monday - I omitted the ones I had thought he already had - therefore making sure he knew that his time was too valuable to spend doing things twice.

Like me.

Once again - my place as a second-rate peon has been established and as I sit to reprint, and re-staple the bills for a second time I contemplate the meaning of life and wonder "is the third time the charm? Or is it 'three strikes and you're out'?"

I'm gonna go with the latter...


And is it just me or is my horoscope a bit, well, bitchy today?"Do things with one hundred percent effort, or don't do them at all. Put your energy into things you are passionate about. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and the time of everyone else around you."


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dpoem said...

Zounds!  That horoscope sounds pretty bleak and defeatist.  

Have a nice day, or not.