Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Master Debater

And the Car Debate rages on:

Holly: "Buy me a new car, yet?"

Harry: "No - which do you want? The Chevy SS or the Jeep SRT-8 or my Denali."

What I hear: "Numbers ,numbers, shiny car, numbers."

Holly: "Dunno."

Harry: "Will my Denali make you happy?"

Holly: "It's big."

Harry: "Is that bad?"

Holly: "It's like an elephant."

Harry: "So you don't want it?"

Holly: "Maybe - what about that Chevy?"

Harry: "It only got three stars in driver safety and four in passenger safety whereas the Jeep got five stars all around!"

What I hear: "numbers, numbers, little star, how I wonder what numbers you are!"

Holly: "So which one do I get?"

Harry: "How about we make the Corvette your primary vehicle?"

Holly: "So then it'd be mine, all mine?!"

Harry: "We'll look into it."

What I hear: "OH - HELLLLLLS NO!"


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princesssaurora said...

LOL.... bummer on Chevy I love my trailblazer.... lol

be well,