Thursday, June 1, 2006

Shop, Drop and Roll - your car down a hill

I took my 2003 Ford Escape LTD in to be serviced today.

Here are my list of complaints:

1.  The ticking "Holy crap! Your car's a freakin' time bomb!" noise that has increased, NOT decreased since the last time it was "fixed."

2.  When they plopped on my four new tires last night - they didn't make sure my steering wheel was straight - so it's been crooked - and I didn't notice it. Harry had to point it out to me while we were driving around a few nights ago:  "Do you know your steering wheel's messed up?"  "Huh?"  I said.  "Look," he said, pointing at the wheel that was obviously VERY crooked.  "Huh."  I said in quasi-grunting agreement.

3.  My airbag light came on, flashed and stayed on.  Scary.

4.  My brake light comes on every third time I start my car. 

      I can deal with the ticking.  I can make due with a crooked wheel. But the idea that my air bag may deploy at any given time like a big non-edible marshmallow and that - I won't be able to stop - kinda freaks me out.

      Dropped it off at 8 AM.  It is now 1:47 PM and I've heard NOTHING.  This is not a good sign  - for Harry.  Poor guy.  Has to give up his Denali and drive my ticking, possible air-bag bursting, non-stopping, vehicle...  Just doesn't seem right... ahahahahah!


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psychfun said...

Dang...I'd be going somewhere else for service. Is it the dealer? And a 2003 with all those problems already? Geez, not good advertising for Ford huh! Email them & tell them!