Friday, June 30, 2006

Paula Deen is my Hero!

I love Paula Deen.

  She's the fluffy and comforting southern lady from Foodnetwork that adds a vat of butter to EVERYTHING she's making!

I watch her show all the time and when I saw that Target was carrying the dvd versions - I snatched them up!

I'm watching her first ever episode and it was worth every penny - she's adding wings to a skillet of oil and it popped on her!  She giggled and I heard: "Litte (BEEEEEEP!)!"  She cussed!  Holy-rolly-polly- she said bastard!  I laughed so hard that tears were streaming down my face and made me worry that bits of my bland chicken sandwich were to come flying out of my nose. 

I decided to conquer one of her cookie recipes from "Just Desserts." The ingredients were simple:  Mint wafers, sugar cookie log, crushed pecans. 

I go to the grocery store and, because I was hungry , I bought too much cheese. 

$50 later I arrive home and open the bag of chocolate covered mint wafers and after consulting with the recipe, realize that I've purchased the wrong thing. 


I bake 'em up anyway, thinking they'll either be really good or really bad when my dad knocks on my front door.  I have a doorbell that rivals The Addams Family- he never uses it.

He became my Guinea Pig: "Hey - I can't eat this - try it!  Hey, Daddy, try this,too!"

I piled the baked goods on to a plate and he left soon after.  He waddled out the door, his belly swollen under his "Cereal Killer" shirt and after making sure that he had his teeth, a candy bar, some lunchmeat and his model car he'd just purchased - he left me to go home and sleep off the sugar hangover.

I love my Dad.

He's like Peter Pan.

But he can't fly.

Unless you're counting the time he fell off the ladder.

Or the roof.

Or the pool deck.

Or out of bed.

Or off the porch.






dpoem said...

And here, dearest Holly, our paths seperate.  I simply cannot tolerate the syrupy, clanging, little "Hi Y'all" that starts Paula's Home Cooking.  It hurts me.  It hurts me badly.  

I kind of feel like that guy who would have a siezure everytime he heard Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight.  


rusrhi said...

I love Paula Dean too. My mother-in-law made something of hers for dessert at Christmas and it was the best thing ever.

daydreamn4ever said...

lol, I love your writing style!