Friday, September 29, 2006

Washer Woes.

My phone rings this morning as I'm getting ready for work.  It's Sears.  They've graciously put me "First" on their list. 


The guy arrives and not only does he look like he stepped fresh from the pages of "America's Most Wanted," but he smells.  Like ass.  Like a large, stinky ass. 

I take him downstairs and tell him what's wrong with the stupid washer. 

His response:  "You need to change your detergent.  You need high efficiency."  That - I can take.  His next comment - not so sure.  "Yeah - you need to rip out this wall.  It's too close to the washer.  Makes it hard to work on."

"You want me to rip out a wall?  In my laundry hole?"  I'm not appaled at the idea.  I've had it a few times myself. However, I'm appalled that the repairman would suggest it instead of - I dunno - FIXING MY DAMN WASHER. 

I laugh and walk off to the tv room.

While I'm watching an episode of "Charmed" (there's NOTHING on tv at 8 am!) I can hear him muttering loudly...

"I hate this! Hate this! Wall... Hate this!"

"Argh!  Cats! Stupid cat.  I hate CATS!"

On and on he complained and bitched as he worked on my ill washer.

"Hey!  HEY!"  he bellows to me from the laundry hole.  "HEY!  You wanna run a broom or something back here before I push it back in?"  I can hear that he thinks I should hop up and do his bidding.  However, I'm offended.  So what if my laundry hole is gross?  So what if the back of my washer is filled with dirt?  I will not be judged by this man.  This stinky man. 

"Nope - I'm good."

"AAgh." was his response. 

So that's my morning so far.  I'm supposed to be heading into work.  But I can't bring myself to leave my nice warm couch and head for the door. 

Tempted to play hookey.

Tempted to "forget" to go in.

Tempted to call in and tell 'em I pulled my gallbladder while lugging on heavy files that I wasn't supposed to be tugging on in the first place. 

Guess the deviishness from yesterday is still hangin' on...  :)


dpoem said...

You should have worked the smelly bastard like a slave.  Grab a pile of your smelliest things and tell him to wash a "test" batch.  Then, after that batch is finished, tell him you're unhappy with the results, make him tinker with something, then make him wash another "test" batch.  

Rinse, lather, repeat until all your clothes are clean.  


gazker said...

I would have jammed the broom up his arse and then told him to sweep behind the washer himself!!!!

princesssaurora said...

What a large stinky ass he was!!

be well,

mrsm711 said...

He acted like he looked and smelt.  He is the one who has to live with himself day in and day out.  Poor Bastard!  And tomorrow will be a better day fo you.  :)

dpoem said...

Hmm...  Had I known you were taking today off, I would have put Pac Man on my Blogger blog yesterday instead of today.