Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Make a wish...

A (birth)day in the life of Holly K.:

1.  Go to work and eat ice cream cake in a twenty minute quickie birthday party in the large conference room.  Point and laugh until I snort when the leftover cake reads:  "Ha Birth Ho!"

2.  Leave work and go to class where someone notices my wedding ring set, "Oh my GAWSH ARE THOSE REAL?!"  Try to be polite by saying quietly, "Yes, my hubby loves me very much and spoils me profusely. Blush unseemingly when the speaker then says:  "THOSE ARE BIGGER THAN MY WHOLE HEAD!"  Heh.  Okaaaaay.  Now the whole class thinks that my breasts are conversation starters.  Sigh....

3.  Leave class and head toward 'rents home to drop off papers and to get birthday snuggles from my niece.  Summer brings me a tiny loaf pan filled to the brim with broccoli and cauliflower casserole.  Since I've just ordered myself a "happy birthday to meeeeeeee" pizza, I try not to eat too much of the delicious cheesey casserole.  Ten minutes later I look down and amazed to see that the majority of the toasty treat is gone. Stunned, I check the ground, my shirt, my lap and even my cleavage to see where it could've gone to.  It's a mystery I tell ya, a mystery...

4. Go home and head to the lower level to check out how the renovations are going.  It seems that while I was at work up to my elbows in DQ ice cream cake, Johnny, my bud and resident water damage expert, had taken it upon himself to move all the furniture back into the room!  He even put the television back in, the two HUGE display cabinets full of miniature sets of Springfield (what?! My hubby's 26 going on 12 - what's it to ya?) and to rehang the framed and autographed posters of Harry Potter (what?!  I'm 28 going on 13 - what's it to ya?) - in the correct order!  I was amazed!   It was the best birthday gift ever!   He even managed to get the very large, very heavy and very mostrous display cabinet that held all my blenko glass pieces, back together and pushed back against the wall!  Harry's going to have so much fun putting all the little glass bits back in there!  (tee hee!).

5.  And now - I'm back at work - wearing mismatched clothes ( I was half-asleep when dressing this morning) and trying to convince everyone that wool socks are indeed appropriate attire on 80 degree September days.   Yeeeeech.

----Thanks to all who wished me a Happy B-day!  It was Wonderful!


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