Sunday, October 1, 2006

Why Men Hate Weddings

I should've never left my hubby alone on our wedding day.

That whole nonsense of not seeing the bride before the wedding was so that the groom and groomsmen can do things like this with unsuspecting fruit:

Meet the three stooges of WV:  Harry, Mike and Ben.



gazker said...

Seeing as the Gentlemen invloved were all well built, one would have thought a better choice of fruit would have done them justice......... Cucumbers maybe? LOLOLOL
Gaz ;-)

psychfun said...

Those are pretty small bananas...what are they bragging about! Ha! They better not get near any Monkeys either! HA! Sorry that was sooo bad! I couldn't help it though...they deserve it! You know...a picture like that can be very damaging to them! Someone could put the wrong "Messages" as Captions! HA!

princesssaurora said...

You will so not be surprised by this....

I have a similiar pic of my hubby... lol

be well,