Friday, September 15, 2006

"It's the day that never ends, it just goes on and on, MY FRIEND!"

It's 4 o'clock- do you know where your brain is?

So I'm bored - and am on a website of baby names.

Don't ask.

Future names for mine and Harry's yet-to-be-concieved child:

Halo - very cute, very innocent - Harry would love it due to his obsession with the Xbox game he and his friends play ALL THE TIME. However - this is just asking for some Damien hellspawn to spring from my loins. Ew.

Halyn - Cute - if not a little backwoods-ish.

Harley (From the hares' wood) - perfect combo of my name and Harry's - minus that "e" in there... I like it. Very plucky.

Hestia (hearth): Cute and goes nicely with "Lucille" which is to be the non-existant child's middle name in honor of my teeny former hermit-couch Granny-in-law.

Holiday - I don't know why but I love this. However - I see many unfortunate connontations with the phrase "I'm going on Holiday". Geez...

Harmony - maybe she'll be musically inclined! Or a stripper! Sigh...


Harry likes the idea of our child being named with an "H" - so I'm game and since he'll be the one enduring HOURS OF LABOR - I don't see why I can't let him have his way.

Especially since, if we happen to have a boy - it'll be Harry the Fourth.

"C'mon and get your supper, lil' QUATRO!"

hee hee


pippa1116 said...

my oldest daughter's name is Harley McKenna.  But she is named after my grandfather, Harley.  Have a great weekend.

rusrhi said...

We are doing the R thing here. Russell and Rhianna, so we must continue. My family did it too. Rhonda, Ronald, Ronnie, Ryland and me. Just totally a fluke that the first man I dated w/ and R name I married!

princesssaurora said...

The "H" is very cute... I like Harley but spelled Harlly to better show it as a combo of your two names.  Also, Hayley is nice...

be well,

ps... you never come visit me anymore.... :(  lol

nonojean3 said...

I can't believe you didn't list Hermione.