Friday, September 15, 2006

Obligations and Frustrations

It's Friday so I'm feeling compelled to write some interesting tidbit for all to read before the weekend approaches.  However - my life has been a big pot of boring soup as of late.  And that about sums up my feeling of today, of me and of my life in general.  As busy as I am and as life seems - I am BORED.  Even my lunch today is yawn-inspiring and a tad juvenile:  PB&J and  a cup of orange jell-o.  No one would trade lunches with me today - and I don't even have a nutty buddy to sweeten the deal.  Nope.  I plan on eating my lunch in solitude - sitting in my Jeep watching the first season of Grey's Anatony and drooling over the McDreamy himself - Patrick Dempsey.

On another thought, my lunch was almost non-existant today.  After carefully wrapping my sandwich in multiple paper towels and seperating my jell-o cup from its friends, I plopped both in an old Kroger bag ( a high-class sign of corporate America's workers) and headed to work.  I'm half-way to downtown when I look over and see my class books, notebooks, laptop case, umbrella - and - that's it.  No Kroger bag.  Now, I have a choice to make.  I can go on to work, forfeiting my painstakingly packaged lunch or I can do a massive illeagal U-turn in morning rushhour traffic and fly back down Rt. 60 to my house and capture my elusive lunch.

I have two seconds to make the decision.

I turn in front of a Honda-bug and hop and pop through Stogie's drive thru and the 24 hour landramat before landing back on the road, squealing on less than four tires and heading back home.

One really can't waste a perfectly good peanut butter sandwich on the mere happenstance of a possible tardy to a job one doesn't even consider important - especially when faced with the horrors of lunch-time drive thrus! 


Have a great weekend!

--Holly aka "O-Boring-One"


tenyearnap said...

I have a leftover pork chop. You want to trade?

pippa1116 said...

i think you made the right decision.  lol

princesssaurora said...

You are not boring... silly.

Glad you got your lunch!

be well,

argesq said...

No one with your shoe collection, purse collection, husband, sister and own personal flare for the sarcasm could ever be boring! :-)  Your life may be lives often are.....especially given your current employment....but don't mistake the recent bout of boredom in your life with any misconception that you are boring.