Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some things could only happen to Stacey...

That's my friend Stacey with me (oh yeah - that was the haircut that almost made me lose my sanity - yellow bangs! I had YELLOW BANGS!) and if anyone has worse luck than yours truly  - it's her.

Case in point:  The following is an excerpt from an email she sent me earlier....and a good reason to give up coffee in the morning...

I had to have a do-over this morning.

Got to campus, had a good spot.

In the process of shuffling my 40 pound bag-o-work, Lab manual,

Purse, Keys, phone and coffee, I Made a fatal error

I was gathering up all of my things and attmepting to get out of the

car at the same time. I decided that it would be smart to put my

half-full coffee cup on the top of my car, where it was supposed to

wait for me until I stood up and closed the car door.

Well... I missed the roof, or rather the opening of the car door to

get to the roof.

The edge of the cup tipped over sideways and I managed to douse

myself, bookbag, lab manaul and car interior with frothy Dark roast

Senso coffee.

It was even in my hair.

Momentarily stunned, I sat there pondering my next move.

Do I go ahead and go in? It's not like I don't usually spend the

day with soem sort of food stain on my clothes. Then again, it's

usally a much smaller stain and occurs much later in the day.

I took one little attempt at stepping out of the car door, that cold

morning wind hit my wet clothes, I got back in the car and went


On the way home I also managed to lose a contact [lens], so, overall, a

rough morning.



gazker said...

Hey Holly, theres someone with worse luck that you! How are ya gurl?

rogiesoldhen said...

AWW.... I drive about 40 minutes to Marshall so if this happened to me I'd probably have a nervous breakdown thinking about the precious gallons of gas I wasted.  I might just have to go in crying.