Monday, September 11, 2006

I've lost my birthday suit - can I have yours? tee hee.

Welcome to my youth!

I am 28 years old today.

Two years away from 30 and 12 away from 40.  I dare not think beyond that.  I thought I'd feel more different at 28 than I did at 23 - but I don't.  I'm still in love with the same guy and still cherish the same things.  So - what's changed?  Dunno...

Yesterday we had a little dinner in my newly painted kitchen.  It was a Happy Birthday to Me dinner in which we had honey ham, chicken, taters, and brownies, ice cream, cake and pie (What?! it was MY dinner and I'll gorge if I want to!). 

Tiffany decided to bring over some crazy straws, the flippy, bendy straws of our youth whose colors inspire one into delusions of straw grandeur. 

I believe those straws were cursed.

Tiffany stuck one in her cherry coke and turned away - it spewed like Mt. St. Helen's all over the white countertops of my sink. 

Stacey reached for something on the table and her straw flipped and somersaulted out of her glass like it was a bulimic gymnist in search of scraps of food. 

Finally, Summer went to hand Tiffany the camera (in which the essence of my evil was supposedly captured while Harry force-fed me scoops of raw vanilla cake mix) and the crazy straw attacked!  Coke flew to the left, the glass to the right and emptied all of the soda on to the clean white tile. 

Really, though?  Would it be a my party if SOMEONE didn't spill SOMETHING? 

So have a happy day and send me happy thoughts - oh - and be careful of the second picture above - it was taken well before the application of the face this morning.  Yup - NO MAKE UP!  Aaaaaaaaagh!




tenyearnap said...

Happy Birthday and all happy thoughts to you.
(Hey, I had that same haircut around that age.)

madysauntie said...

Happy Birthday! Only 28? You are the baby of the class of 96! I will be 29 in December! Yuck.... 30 is looming ahead.... Then I will be a real adult... Oh well... I doubt much will change! :-) Happy Birthday!

dpoem said...

You shower with your shirt on?  

Oh!  Happy Birthday, again!


nonojean3 said...

I had an outfit almost exactly like that one.  Only my knickers were purple corduroy with a matching vest.  I loved that outfit.  Happy Birthday!!

cutebutpsycho028 said...

Happy birthday! I'll be 30 next week and I don't feel much different from 23 either! (Oh, other than the fact that I'm a mom of 3 now.) But that's a great thing... it's not how old we are, it's how old we FEEL, right?  :D

Have a great birthday!


princesssaurora said...

Happy Birthday to you, Holly!  I feel the same I did at 23 also... weird, huh... lol

be well,

kwubbyj said...

Class of 96 here.  I've been reading your journal the past couple of weeks.  You are the Red White and Blue version of Bridgette Jones.  I'd love to read a novel from the mind of Holly.  Happy Birthday and may the creativity keeping flowing.  Thanks for being comic strip of my life.