Monday, October 30, 2006

Freeeeeeeeeeebie! :)

I love free newspapers and my hometown seems to be chock full of 'em.  Why?  Because we're hillbillies and we love our free sofas, mattresses, clothes, tires and glider rockers.  Oh - and Coonhounds.  Oh yeah.....

Things you can get from the "Big Eagle Trader":

Peacocks $250/pair (profits to benefit the Retirement Community at NBC)

Pregnant Pit Bull $150 (Has disgraced family by announcing "Yo quiero Chiauaua)

Adult Raggedy Ann Costume $20 (with wig) (lice is free)

Wanted - Free Coonhound that will hunt (people)

Chainsaw - 16" cut $50 (ad for an adult film star, I'm sure)

Female Pigmy Goats - 3 months old $50 each. (Contact : Troll @ under the bridge .com)

Wedding dress, like new, 1 year old $350 ( No longer white)

Bird cage, large $15 (Bird escaped due to all the whistling/sexual harassment)

Season horse manure: $10 a load, delivery available ( Holy Crap!)

Buying junk cars! No title needed! (Stolen, pilfered and "hot" items welcomed!)

Yellow Bird - 10 years old, talks, comes with all accessories (Big Bird? Is that you? And how did you get out of your $15 Large Cage?)

hee hee.


tenyearnap said...

Those goats make great little pets...and then great stew.

ravenjuiced said...

Hey now, don't knock the horse manure, I pay an arm and a leg for fertilizer, that's a good price.


therealslimemmy said...

i was reading through our "penny saver" yesterday and they have people actually giving the palm trees away out of their backyards! you dig. lol