Wednesday, October 4, 2006

And All The World's a Stage...

Apparently "Big Top Pee Wee" aint got nothin' on me - I was chosen (pity vote? Don't care!) to be in CarnivAOL!  Yup - it's linked to my journal entry about "They Who Shall Not Be Named" (no - not Home Depot - think more country - no - no - okay -FINE - it was SEARS!).

But that's not why I'm writing.  I simply must share with ya'all this tasy little tidbit from my family life:

I spent last night yucking it up with my friend Della who shared dinner with me and then went to peruse the writing journals (anyone know any good publisher's wanting a zany chik lit story by yours truly???)  and to just hang out.  Well, after attracting a swarm of crazy people that would make Tom Cruise himself insane (more so than he already is) we called it a night and headed home.

I went to my parent's house to drop off a copy of the Pink Panther theme song I had recorded 20 times in succession for my mother. 

Don't ask.

Dad came up to me, white mustache twitching and was grinning like Peter Pan on Fairy dust:  "Like my shirt?"  he pulled on the tee that was stitched with the words WORLD'S GREATEST GRANDPA across the front in bright red block letters. 

"Yes, Daddy, I do.  Where'd you get it?"  I asked.

"Someone donated it up at the Veteran's home!" he was proud of his bargain - and beaming like the happy grandaddy that he was (is). 

Everyone else in the room was happily watching NCIS and trying to ignore us.

I started sniggering.

"Uh - dad?"  I asked.  "Where  did you get your shirt?"

"At the home," he smoothed down the front using the palms of his big hands.

"So, um, it was donated?"   At this point my mother has caught on to my line of questioning and had dissolved into a fit of silent giggles.  My sister was mesmerized by Mark Harmon's awful facial hair.  "And, um, what happen to the donater?"

He looked perplexed. "What?  They donated it."

"Yes, Daddy, but where  is the original 'WORLD'S GREATEST GRANDPA'?"  The rest of the room is now snickering and trying not to burst into laughter as my dad struggled to connect the dots.

"Well, he's - uh..."  he furrowed his brow and stared at the upside down letters on his belly.

"Dad - the original 'WORLD'S GREATEST GRANDPA' is dead."  He grinned at me through his mustache.  "And you're wearing his shirt."



plittle said...

You're mean!

gazker said...

You mean he didn't know???? OMGGGGGG Did he die in it too? Ask him that one lololol............... Sorry, I bet it's nice (isn't it?)
PS, you read my latest entry yet?....Ghost huntin!

tenyearnap said...

I love your family. Do you think they'd adopt me? I can be a Hillbilly...umm, y'all. I'll  eat moon pies and watch NASCAR and help your Dad split wood for the 'still. Puleeeeze!

argesq said...

Could be worse - my dad used to raid the funeral flowers that would be left at our church.  He'd be there for a meeting or to say hello to the minister or to help out....he's see the flowers (which, in his defense, were just left there to wilt so no one had to deal with the flowers).....and then he'd pull out the best preserved of the flowers in honor of the dead person and then he'd TAKE THEM HOME TO MY MOM!!!!  Romance, I tell you, nothing but romance. :-)

rebuketheworld said...

Hey, ever see a coffin at a garage sale? I have.....anyone who buys that is sruely thinking too far ahead for me....

loved your your wit