Thursday, October 19, 2006

TAKE me OUT to the BALLLLLgame!

I'm currently nestled in a large, over-stuffed leather recliner, two blankets covering my legs and my laptop plopped upon my lap.  I'm trying desperately to entertain myself in order to still "spend time" with my hubby.  However, he seems hell bent on watching baseball.

I'm hell bent on staying conscious. 

It's not that I don't like sports - it's that - oh - fine!  I'm not a sports lover!  I'm just not mentally coordinated enough to learn a foreign language that consists of words like "bunt" and "innings" and am not ready to call anything or anyone a "batter" without having to add eggs, oil and water to it!

But I'm supportive in my ignorance.  I smile prettily when Harry's happy about some crazy catch where a young man contorts his body backwards over a fence in order to score a flyball in his little orange mitt.   I jump when he whoops over a good pitch.  And I tend to pretend to be interested in instant replays - because - obviously I wasn't paying attention the first time the play happened - thus the need for the instant rewind and play.

I'm supportive. 

And I smile.

Because I have no clue what the hell is going on.



rebuketheworld said...

Your more giving than couldnt stop looking bored...but hey the good thing is when you want to do something that he doesnt...yah got a good support argument with think its cool that you do that for him..-Raven

gazker said...

Hot chocolate with a large whisky in it will have the surprising effect of not just making the match go quicker, but it will help your understanding of the game! All of a sudden it will fit into place. Upon drinking your second hot chocolate and large whisky, you won't care what your'e watching anyway and will sit and giggle like it's another episode of desperate housewives!!!!
Get that kettle on girl and open that bottle of whisky!


madysauntie said...

The guys at my job are OBSESSED with sports and it drives me crazy!!! They come into the office SCREAMING about who won and who their picks are and who's team is better and blah blah blah.... This past week I finally snapped and I screamed..."For the love of God, please shut up about flippin sports!"

And the room fell silent as all the boy neanderthals stopped to stare at the voluptuous, red headed freak denouncing their favorite pasttime.

Then it resumed.

Oh well, I tried.


nonojean3 said...

GO CARDS!!!!!!

therealslimemmy said...

i do the same thing when my husband watches the simpsons LOL
i hate that show
hope ya have a good one