Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Three for all!

I decided to get my numerology forecast for today from AOL since 1) I'm bored and 2) I'm avoiding reading my "Of One Blood" book for class (due on Wednesday).

Your Daily Number: 3

Look out! You yield enormous power to influence others today, and may even appear more attractive than usual whereas you normally look like a steaming pile of regurgitated cow poop. Congrats. You're upbeat and playful, and the world knows it. If there's a deal or project you've been waiting to close, now is the time to do it. Make sure you're organized, because there's also a tendency to be a bit scattered and forgetful.and don't forget nasty.  Like cow poop- remember?

Is it just me or are the implications in all horroscopes and numerology reports a bit like vieled threats?  I've taken the liberty to add these supposed "threats" in red and I think they fit in quite nicely. Now - I'm going to go have cheese sticks for lunch since I'm so attractive - the extra calories won't matter today.


---Holly aka the "formerly unattractive steaming cow pile"  


dpoem said...

I don't think you look like cow poop.  Trust me.  I've seen cow poop, and it's really kind of flat.  :)


gazker said...

They say, once a turd, always a turd, in your case Holly, never! Enjoy those cheese sticks, I had two Mars bars today, it must be the weather!! Gaz x